Why does everyone hate GAME?

I wrote a feature called ‘Why does everyone hate GAME?’ for Kotaku UK the other day, and it’s already garnered a healthy thread of comments. Seems I’m not the only one who has an opinion on the UK retailer.

It’s sad really – judging by the venom directed at the company, no one has much love for one of the country’s few remaining video game chains. From my point of view, I really want GAME to be good. I have a lot of fond memories of the store, and I want it to be great again. But the company seems hellbent on destruction, seemingly countering the dwindling physical game market with ever more aggressive sales techniques. I explored this in the article, interviewing two ex-managers who saw the attitude towards customers change during their tenure.

I’ve already written about what I think GAME could do to turn around their fortunes. But judging by their tanking share price, it might already be too late.


  1. I’m amazed that these places still get as much business as they do. GameStop is our version of this here and it’s just overpriced everything, horrible online ordering and customer service, and real life clerks acting like used car salesmen trying to sell you a bunch of crap you didn’t come for. I don’t know why anyone still puts up with it when you can get games cheaper and without the hassle at so many other places now.

    1. Exactly. They need to change their tune, people aren’t stupid. They know when they’re being taken for a ride. Stores can’t compete with internet prices, but they can offer something tangible that the internet can’t. I wish they’d make more of that rather than shaking down customers for all they’ve got.

      1. My last straw with them was going to buy a game, and I specifically asked for a new copy of whatever game it was I was getting, which they always turn into a hassle because they always try to sell you the overpriced used copy instead like they’re doing you a favor. So I get this new, sealed game, take it home, open it, and the disc is in a special GameStop disc sleeve that they keep the used games in, so my “new” game had already been opened, used, and then resealed for who knows what reason. Never went back again.

        My wife still went there for everything for years though, despite all my protests. It wasn’t until recently when Best Buy started their Gamers Club thing, where you get 20% off any new release, that she finally let go.

  2. Changing through time in a good way is critical for companies such as GAME itself. But unfortunately some companies just don’t like change. They stand in front of it thinking they’re going to be fine and no change is needed. But they are all wrong. And we know what happens to them afterwards!

    1. Too true. It’s happened countless times already on the UK high street, but few chains seem to have the ability to shake things up to stave off ruin.

  3. Great article. if i get the chance, I like to pop over to my nearest Game and pile up all the boxes of the same game that show different prices. New copies will be priced differently, second hand copies will have diferent prices on…fills an hour 🙂

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