The Grainger Games Bargain Hunt

The other week, I wrote an article about why everyone seems to hate GAME, and I mentioned that about the only other remaining high street video game chains in the UK are CEX and Grainger Games. But I’d never actually set foot in a branch of Grainger Games until now.

Grainger Games started in 1996 in Newcastle, and now has around 70 stores across the north-east of England. Having recently relocated to the north-east myself, I was keen to see what their stores are like.

I popped into the Bishop Auckland branch earlier this week, and I have to say I was impressed. They had a great range of new and secondhand games, all at reasonable prices. In fact, I found some veritable bargains – I picked up Metroid: Other M for £3, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Overlord II for £2 each, and DOOM on the PS4 for just £8. I was pretty damn pleased with my haul. 

The staff were really friendly, and were happy to chat about games. They asked whether I wanted to pre-order anything, but otherwise there was no pushy sales talk. I enjoyed the experience so much, I went back there on Saturday to trade in a few old games for Resident Evil 6 (I thought it’s about time I caught up with the series). My trade-ins didn’t quite cover the cost of the game, but to my delight the sales person just rounded it up and told me not to worry about the difference. Now that’s customer service.

So that leads to a question: if a small independent chain can compete with the internet on prices, doesn’t need to resort to high-pressure selling, and is staffed by friendly, knowledgable staff, why can’t GAME do the same?


  1. Great choices, but now let me ask you a serious question…I want you to look closely at that cover of Resident Evil 6 and can you now ever see it as anything other than a woman going down on a giraffe man?

  2. 2 things, 1, Grainger Games is awesome, because thanks to governmental based poverty (*shakes right fist at sky* Government!!!!) & fantastic levels of patience on my part, soon gonna ‘sweep & clear’ all my old PS3 & 360 games back (had to sell em all in a previous xmas cos food *Sighs*) for £1 a pop! (Yaay! Gaming!!!) & in even more brilliant news, the nearby cash converters policy doesn’t need credit or debit cards, so have put a down payment on a PS2 (gonna get as many as possible cos if mine dies, way too many good PS2 games’ll be unfinished: Rogue Galaxy, Kingdom Hearts & 2, Shadow Hearts etc) & once that’s done, gonna finally get PS3 & 360, also Wii-U & finally upgrade to 2DS (turns out 3D isn’t really needed, but if prices even out I’ll go 3DSXL cos may as well) & 2, Good Call! noticing the hidden filth chap! *Waggles Eyebrows & Strokes Moustache, Adjusts Monocle* I’ve said it before, Japanese people only have 2 sides: depressed karoshi salarymen (poor sods!) or dirty dirty otaku madness! *Grins* Much Kudos to you sir!!!

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