The best original Xbox games to play on your Xbox One

The announcement at E3 this year that OG Xbox games would be made backwards compatible with Xbox One got me thinking. What original Xbox games are still worth playing in this future year of 2017?

Well, I came up with a list of ten, which went up on Kotaku UK today:

10 of the Best Original Xbox Games to Play on Your Xbox One

It was tricky getting it down to 10, and some eyebrows may be raised by the fact that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is missing, but I wanted to highlight some of the lesser known Xbox games, and ones that did something really unique.

Out of all of them, I’d be keen to play GunValkyrie again – boosting around and blasting giant insects was a blast.

How about you lot? What OG Xbox games do you want to play again?


    1. I don’t remember metal wolf chaos, what was that like? I’d love to play Steel Battalion again, but only with the huge controller. Played it once and it was really cool!

  1. I loved the first mech assault game, would love to play that and the sequel I missed out on way back. Panzer dragoon let’s was also neat, played a short demo and forever regret never playing that game

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