Review: Slayaway Camp

IMG_1980Another mobile game? Has the world gone topsy-turvy? Slayaway Camp suckered me in by promising me piles and piles of puzzles, all with the theme of being goofy eighties slasher movies, and I’m pleased to say that it did not lie.

Just like that Game Boy game where you moved the boxes around! You know…the one with the boxes!
Underneath all the blood and guts lies a very classic slide-the-block-around puzzle, the likes of which we’ve seen many times before, though I can’t seem to actually think of the names of any that I’ve really played and enjoyed.  Things start off relatively simple, with you having to navigate your killer through little mazes in order to pick off all the victims and then slide into the exit, but things get surprisingly complex the deeper you get into the game.

You’ll soon find yourself having to deal with fires, pits, police, cats, victim escape doors, teleporters, and many more tools, traps, and obstacles, which turn these little maps into really complicated procedures. Things can get pretty nasty in the later levels especially, but there’s a rewind button that lets you avoid having to redo whole levels from scratch, as well as a built in hint system to exploit if you need it. You’ll have to spend a little gold for a hint, or a bit more cash if you want to be shown a full solution, but don’t worry, it just uses regular old earned-in-game currency and not some kind of awful special dollars that you have to pay real money for. Or you can just blow all your gold on unlocking new killers and kill animations, all of which are entirely cosmetic and optional.

Even space isn’t safe from your wrath!
All of this takes place across ten “videotapes”, the game’s version of chapters, each with a different theme and killer, ranging from a summer camp, a theme park, high school, and even outer space. Each tape has around 10-13 normal levels and 3-5 “deleted scenes” bonus challenge levels that open up after you’ve completed a tape, for a combined total of almost 200 levels. That’s a hell of a lot of puzzles for only $2. It’s not the most mind-blowing gaming experience, even by mobile standards, but it’s a solid bit of fun with a pretty huge amount of content for its humble price (and It’s also available on Android and PC too).