SNES Mini unboxing

There she is, what a beauty. I love that they’ve faithfully recreated the original SNES packaging. Anyway, let’s get this baby open.

Very neat and tidy. Right, let’s delve inside.

Look at it! So tiny! It’s not much bigger than the controllers. Ah, bless the little wee thing… Anyway, one thing I didn’t realise is that it doesn’t come with an electrical plug, just a USB cable for power. Luckily I have a USB plug to hand. In a way, it’s quite authentic – the original SNES didn’t come with a plug either. I remember when I got my SNES for Christmas, my dad had to take the plug off the Magimix and attach it to the SNES…

The money shot. 16-bit power in the palm of my hand. It really is quite a beautiful thing.

And here’s how you plug in the controllers – the front flips down to reveal the real controller ports.

We’re all plugged in and set to go. Toad is excited. So am I.

Here we go! I’m all set for a night of nostalgia – Starfox 2 will be first, obviously. Can’t wait!


  1. I knew beforehand there is no AC adapter included (it says so on the box too! 😄) but first tried it with just the USB connection as the power source. It works absolutely fine on my expensive Panasonic TV; but on the cheaper Sony Bravia TV … FF III craps out! Interesting, eh?
    I’ll run it off AC power in future, just to be on the safe side.

  2. Love the unboxing. I didn’t know that they didnt come with power adapters.
    May I have permission to repost this article on my blog (with full credit / link back of course)?

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