Spiffing Reads: N64 Mini, Jambo Safari and the closure of Visceral

This week on Spiffing Reads, we kick off with a fevered discussion on what games should be featured on the N64 Mini, should Nintendo deign to make one…

A Massive Argument About Which Games Should Be on the N64 Mini (Kotaku UK)

This is an awesome discussion of what games should be on the N64 Mini. I now want one so bad. Harsh decision on Space Station Silicon Valley though, surely you’ve got to have that on there, if only to see what DMA Design were up to when they were making GTA. Personally, I’d also add Rakuga Kids, although it may be a somewhat niche choice. Lucius P.Merriweather

How I ruined Sega’s financial results (Eurogamer)

An excellently funny read from Ellie Gibson on the wonderful Sega arcade game Jambo! Safari: “And so I tidied Jambo! Safari away into my filing cabinet of memories, in the drawer marked “Things That Probably Aren’t As Good As You Remember,” alongside the second Craig David album and Um Bongo.” Um Bongo really is rancid if you try it now, sort of like an acidic chemical cocktail. But Jambo! Safari is ace. FACT. L.P.M.

Star Control 2 creators finally making sequel (Rock Paper Shotgun)

Only the best news of the year, or maybe even the whole flippin’ decade! Star Control 2 is one of the greatest games of all time and it’s going to be extremely difficult for a sequel to live up to that, but at least it’s in great hands! Baron Richenbaum Fotchtenstein

EA to close Dead Space studio Visceral (Rock Paper Shotgun)

And some terrible news. Goodbye possibility of Dead Space 4 (or Dante’s Inferno 2!). I suppose it’s not particularly surprising after EA has had these horror giants working on nothing but C-list action games for the last 5 years for some unfathomable reason. Supposedly they had been working on a new Star Wars game that had been described as a “linear, story-heavy title”, which I guess is such a terrible thing for a major publisher to do these days that they needed to fire everyone and bring other people in to turn it into a multiplayer game that will no doubt be packed full of the microtransactions that everyone loves so much. Hooray. I can only hope that Visceral makes some kind of Kickstarter comeback with a new horror IP someday. B.R.F.

Splatoon 2 flooded with LGBT pride in support of trans squids and humans (Mashable)

This is an old article, but I only started playing Splatoon 2 recently, so this is the first time I’ve come across it. I’m still sore that Miiverse isn’t on Switch and is closing soon, but Splatoon 2 has its own Miiverse-like posting mechanism that seems to be quite active. Not long after its release, the game was spontaneously flooded with posts of LGBT support, and rather than erupt into flame wars, the anti-LGBT response seems to have been a small minority. Nice to see a positive online video gaming community for once! (Additional posts have been archived here.) Professor GreilMercs

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In honour of Visceral (RIP), here are a few links to classic Dead Space titles – if you order through them, we’ll get a little bit of cash, which we can put back into the running of the site. Ta!

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