Tiki and Chrom amiibo unboxing

Fire Emblem Warriors is out on 3DS and Switch today, and the Tiki and Chrom amiibos have been launched along side it. I’m still not quite sure what I think about them – they are… odd. Let’s take a closer look.

Here’s Tiki, in all her eighties anime glory. Her look seems to be based on her appearance in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, but if I’m honest, I much prefer her depiction in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Actually, scratch that: the Tiki in Fire Emblem Heroes is probably the best version of the lot. Here, the divine dragon princess looks… well, a bit dated. I can’t help but imagine I’m watching an old episode of Sailor Moon.

Maybe it’s just me.

Even so, I can’t help feeling a little bit let down. The detailing is nice enough, and I like her little golden dragonstone. But what’s going on with that weird bustle/bow? Every time I look at it I can’t help thinking she’s going to step on it and fall arse over tit if she tries to walk anywhere.

Chrom seems to have adopted the most uncomfortable, least naturalistic pose possible. I feel like just screaming at him: “THAT’S NO WAY TO HOLD A SWORD!” Clearly he’s a man who favours style over practicality. Although to be honest, his style is questionable at best. Asymmetric trousers? Come on Chrom, what were you thinking? And what’s with the one bare arm?

To be fair, all of these styling details were there for his appearance in Fire Emblem: Awakening, but they were less noticeable there thanks to the low-res, cutesy graphics. Also, like all the characters in Awakening, he didn’t have any feet (which even now still strikes me as a bizarre design decision), so we never realised at the time that his choice of footwear was pixie boots.

But man, look at that steely gaze. If there’s one thing that this amiibo gets right, it’s that look of fierce determination.

Or is it lust? Now I think it’s lust.

It was unfortunate that on the day Chrom posed for sculpting there happened to be a force 8 gale blowing – but at least his cape looks suitably dramatic. He also seems to be the only Fire Emblem amiibo so far who has sensibly remembered to bring a scabbard for his sword. Presumably Lucina, Roy, et al. just have to prop their swords against the wall whenever they want to eat a sandwich or nip off for a number 2, but Chrom gets a handy holster for his weapon. I bet he also has a bum bag/fanny pack at home.

So anyway, there you go – another couple of Fire Emblem amiibos for my collection, but probably my least favourite ones so far. Certainly they’re not a patch on the two Corrins or the lovely Celica.

Still, if you’re planning to get them or Fire Emblem Warriors, please order through the Amazon links below – we’ll get a little bit of cash, which we can put back into the running of the site. Ta!

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