Hey look, I wrote a book (well, bits of one)

A few months back, Charlie Fink got in touch with me after seeing my article about the BattleTech arcade machines on GamesRadar. Charlie used to be vice-president of the animation division of Walt Disney Pictures, and these days he’s something of an AR/VR evangelist – he regularly writes about virtual reality for Forbes, and he was behind the AR-enabled book Charlie Fink’s Metaverse. He has a Wikipedia page and everything.

Charlie was interested in getting me to write a couple of chapters for a follow-up book, Convergence: How The World Will Be Painted With Data. And that’s exactly what I did, penning chapters on ‘AR and Journalism’ and ‘AR and AI’, as well as a few columns on Niantic, Pokemon Go and the AR firm Rokid.

I received my copy of the book this week, and it looks fantastic – as well as being utterly massive. Charlie has huge respect from me for actually putting something like this together, including all its AR features, which can be accessed by downloading an app on your phone. Charlie, I salute you.

Anyway, if you’re at all interested in the current state and future of augmented reality, then Convergence is well worth a read – it’s admirably comprehensive. You can buy the print version through Charlie’s site or on Amazon, and the (slightly cheaper) ebook is available here.