Heaven’s Vault now lets you skip those dull flying bits

Bye bye, sky fly.

I really enjoyed the language ’em up Heaven’s Vault when I played through it the other week (review here), but it was let down by some disappointingly tedious flying sections. Navigating along the space rivers of the Nebula was a bit like being stuck on a celestial ring road.

But the developers Inkle have been listening to the criticism, and an update that’s just gone live now lets you quick travel between moons without having to coast along the Nebula’s equivalent of a one-way system. Hoorah!

Inkle responds to criticisms with a quick-travel option.
I know, right?

The only catch is that to quick travel to a moon, you have to have journeyed there at least once before, so there is still a bit of space sailing involved. But being able to zap back to a place you’ve already visited in an instant is a massive plus.

I’ve started a New Game+ playthrough of Heaven’s Vault, and the great thing is that it keeps all the words you’ve already learned, meaning it’s a chance to gain even more mastery over the mysterious, forgotten language of the Nebula. By this time next year, I’ll be fluent in Ancient, I reckon.