The brilliant Hyper Sentinel is just 99p on Switch right now

We never got around to reviewing Hyper Sentinel (link to official site), but it was one of my picks of EGX Rezzed last year – and now it’s just 99p on the Nintendo eShop, down from £9.99. Bargain!

The game is basically a remake of the Commodore 64 classic Uridium, but, in my opinion, it’s far, FAR better than the original. The gameplay is brilliantly frantic and much less frustrating than its predecessor thanks to a recharging health bar, and the sound effects in particular are wonderfully bombastic. Each level tasks you with destroying all of the guns and ‘buildings’ on a giant spaceship, after which a ‘guardian’ emerges for a fight to the death. If you succeed, the mothership goes down in a satisfying wall of flames.

It’s pick up and play at its best, perfect for a five-minute blast, but also with loads of difficulty options and challenges to give the game some longevity. In other words, it’s great, and for 99p, Hyper Sentinel is ESSENTIAL. Go buy it!