Read my feature on the making of X-COM in the new Retro Gamer

I interviewed the legendary Julian Gollop for a massive six-page feature on X-COM in the new issue of Retro Gamer. It was wonderful to speak to the man himself, as he’s behind some of my favourite games – including the wonderful Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, one of the 3DS’s best games.

The original X-COM series found itself in the wilderness for many years, as Gollop moved on to other projects and the games produced by other developers gradually went down in quality, ending with the piss-poor X-COM Enforcer – which unfortunately I had to play to write this feature, and my word it’s bad. Luckily, the series in now in safe hands with 2K, who have made some wonderful entries since the 2012 reboot. And now Julian is putting the finishing touches to the X-COM spiritual successor Phoenix Point, which is looking phenomenally good.

All hail Sir Gollop!