The Dark Samus amiibo is a tactile delight

New amiibos have been a bit thin on the ground recently. But the Dark Samus amiibo came out this week, and reminded me just how lovely these little plastic figurines can be.

For a start, great pose. For a second, what lovely mottling! The irridiscent bumps all over this amiibo look great, and give it some excellent tactility. Is it weird that I can’t stop touching and rubbing this thing?

It’s probably weird.

Yeah, I definitely shouldn’t have mentioned it.

The upcoming amiibo release schedule is looking a little sparse, however. There’s no denying that amiibos – and toys-to-life products in general – aren’t as popular as they once were, so I wonder whether Nintendo plans to wind down this line.

I hope not. I hardly ever use my amiibos in actual games, but they are fantastic display models, and they look brilliant on my shelf. I sincerely hope Nintendo keeps them going.

Nintendo usually puts out a Nintendo Direct at around this time of year to detail the products coming up in the next few months. Fingers crossed there will be a few amiibos featured…

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