All hail the retro gaming podcasts

For this month’s Retro Gamer (issue 203), I spoke to a few of the leading retro gaming podcasts to find out what makes them tick, as well as to provide a mini history of retro gaming podcasts in general.

It was wonderful to chat to the people behind Retronauts, The Retro Hour, Maximum Power Up and Retro Asylum, and it’s just a shame I didn’t have time to speak with more of the enthusiastic folks who work in the retro gaming podcast scene. I gave shout outs to Arcade Attack and Ten Pence Arcade in the feature, but there are loads more podcasts out there. Perhaps a sequel is in order!

Also, massive thanks to Jeremy Parish from Retronauts for providing the perfect kicker for the feature by pointing out that the advantage of podcasts over YouTube videos is that you can pick your nose on a podcast and no one will know. The secrets of the greats!