Our most anticipated games of 2020

Blimey, will you look at the time? It’s February already, and we haven’t put out our annual list of games we’re looking forward to. Crumbs, where does the time go? OK, let’s do this quick, before we run out of 2020…

Axiom Verge 2

TBA 2020 – Switch (other platforms TBA)

Lucius P. Merriweather: Axiom Verge is one of my favourite games, so I was thrilled to hear the announcement that Thomas Happ is working on a sequel due out this year. The next installment of the Metroidvania series is promising a new lead character and story based on what seems to be an alternative Earth – I can’t wait to see how it ties in with the original.

Beyond a Steel Sky

TBA 2020 – Apple Arcade, PC, Consoles

LPM: I loved Beneath a Steel Sky on the Amiga, so I’m thrilled about this long-awaited sequel to one of the best ever point and click adventures. I played a demo at EGX in 2019, and the game seems to be very promising, with fun hacking mechanics and great voice acting.

Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise

TBA 2020 – Switch

LPM: I was incredibly surprised to hear the news that Swery has returned to work on a sequel to Deadly Premonition, some ten years after the original game was released. Surprised, but pleased, since Deadly Premonition was such a bizarre and memorable game, with its Twin Peaks-style setting and curious blend of cheesy jokes and horror.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

10 April 2020 – PS4

LPM: I’ve never really liked any of the Final Fantasy games very much, and I bounced off the original Final Fantasy VII after just a couple of hours. So I’m more than a little surprised to find myself eagerly awaiting this remake – the phenomenal footage from E3 2019 was enough to convince me that this could potentially be excellent. Perhaps it will be the first FF game I’ll see through to the end?

Ghost of Tsushima

Summer 2020 – PS4

LPM: I think everyone was a little shocked to learn that Ghost of Tsushima, which was originally revealed back in 2017 and has barely been seen since then, is actually due out on PS4 this year. The game’s graphical splendour made most pundits assume it would be a PS5 exclusive, but apparently this isn’t the case – although I’ve no doubt a version of it will be coming to PS5 with some visual enhancements.

Half-Life: Alyx

March 2020 – PC

LPM: It’s incredible to think that finally, in the year 2020, we’ll be getting another installment in the Half-Life franchise. Whether I’ll actually be able to play it or not is another matter, however. As a VR game on PC, Half-Life: Alyx will require quite a considerable financial outlay to play – probably around £1,000 once you take into account the necessary VR headset, motion controllers and PC upgrades.

But damn, it’s Half-Life! Can I justify the expense? The short answer is probably no, but with a back-of-the-mind sense of wistful longing and repeated thoughts of ‘what if I sell my bike/oven/kidneys to pay for it?’

The Last of Us Part II

29 May 2020 – PS4

LPM: The hyper-violent trailers for this game have put me off a little, to be honest, but I’m still looking forward to this sequel to one of the greatest games of the last generation. The best parts of The Last of Us weren’t the violent fights, but rather the intimate moments between Joel and Ellie, and I’m hoping that the sequel will bring more of that wonderful dialogue and storytelling.


TBA – PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Map Schwartzberg: I’m hoping we’ll see Rain Games’ follow up to World to the West in 2020! Mesmer looks to be a curious mix of action, stealth and even subterfuge as you take one of the heroines from the previous game into a world of intrigue as she plays different sides in a potential rebellion. With Rain’s beautiful house style and an interesting melding of ideas, I’ll be crossing my fingers that Mesmer comes out this year!

Panzer Paladin

Spring 2020 – Platforms TBA

MS: I don’t mind games that wear their inspirations on their sleeves, so it should come as no surprise that that Tribute Games’ ode to Blaster Master, Panzer Paladin, trips my trigger. In this melee-focused platformer, when you aren’t slashing and bashing inside of a big knight mech, then you’re hopping and bopping as the tiny soldier piloting it. After being smitten by Tribute’s excellent previous game, Flinthook, I can’t wait to play this amalgamation of influences.


Early 2020 – PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch

LPM: This charming double-headed-sausage-dog puzzler will finally be released this year, and I’m booked in for an extended hands-on Phogs experience (oooh-err) at EGX Rezzed in March. I’m especially looking forward to trying the two-player mode again, where you control a head each by sharing one controller. It’s very silly and lovely.

Resident Evil 3 Remake

3 April 2020 – PC, PS4, Xbox One

LPM: I didn’t quite get around to writing a review of the Resident Evil 2 Remake last year, but in short, it was marvellous. And it sold bucketloads, so it’s no surprise that Capcom have lined up Resi 3 for the remake treatment, although I’m slightly anxious about being pursued by the Nemesis after practically wetting myself every time Mr X showed up in the last game.



LPM: I interviewed the folks at Shedworks about their debut game way back in June 2018, and now, at long last, it’s coming out. Hopefully. Still no firm release date or confirmation of platforms other than PC, but Sable is listed for 2020 on Steam, so we should be getting it sometime this year. You can wishlist it, if you so desire.


TBA 2020 – PC, Switch, Xbox One, PS4

LPM: Thunder Lotus made the amazing Jotun and Sundered, and their new game looks equally amazing, if very different. The pitch? “Play as Stella, ferrymaster to the deceased, a Spiritfarer. Build a boat to explore the world, then befriend and care for spirits before finally releasing them into the afterlife.” I love the idea of a care ’em up. More on the game here.

Watch Dogs Legion

TBA 2020 – PC, PS4, Xbox One

LPM: Watch Dogs Legion inspired me to write about Mr Blobby while I was covering E3, and I have high hopes for this game, if only because it will let me play as a Taser-toting granny. Watch Dogs London… sorry, LEGION, was originally scheduled for March, but has since been delayed to an unspecified date later in 2020.

XIII – Remake

TBA 2020 – PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

LPM: XIII was one of my favourite games back in the PS2 era, and I’ve got all of the graphic novels it’s based on, so you could say I’m a bit of a fan. There’s very little info on the remake so far, but the trailer seems to indicate that they’re sticking to the wonderful cel-shaded look of the original.