Read about the history of Commandos in Retro Gamer

Do you remember Commandos? What a fantastic series. I remember getting the demo for Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty and spending a good three days getting to the end of that one, brilliant, huge level. Damn, it was hard, but it was so, so good.

I interviewed the developers behind the Commandos games for a feature in Retro Gamer, and it was fascinating to find out the stories behind the games. It was particularly interesting to find out that the instant, massive success of the first game, Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, really took the studio and publisher by surprise. Considering it was a fairly niche, complicated concept, they only expected the game to shift a few thousand copies, but it ended up topping the PC game charts for weeks.

It was also exciting to hear that Kalypso Studios, which bought the rights to the Commandos series in 2018, is working on an entirely new game. It’s about time this wonderful series made its long-awaited return.