Indie highlights of Not-E3 2020

I’ve been following the weird smattering of reveal videos we’ve had in lieu of E3 this year, and there are some fantastic-looking indie games heading our way. So below is my pick of the most interesting indie games that were showcased in the The Escapist Indie Showcase, Guerrilla Collective, the PC Gaming Show, Sony’s PS5 reveal and the Future Games Show.


The animation in Potionomics is just sublime, but the concept sounds great, too. You play a witch who has to make her potion shop a success by brewing bigger and better potions to please her eclectic clientele – it reminds me a little of the shop-based gameplay of the wonderful Moonlighter. Website:

Among Trees

Among Trees is a beautiful-looking survival game about building a cabin in the woods, and spending your days cooking, gardening and crafting. Seems like the perfect socially distant game for 2020. Website:


Stray was revealed during Sony’s PS5 presentation, but it’s also coming to Steam. I love the idea of playing a stray cat wandering around a weird robot-populated world. It’s from BlueTwelve and Annapurna Interactive, and Annapurna haven’t published a dud game yet, so there are high hopes for Stray.

Little Devil Inside

Little Devil Inside was in the news for the ‘racist stereotypes’ in its PS5 reveal trailer, for which the developers have apologised and vowed to change the characters in question. Controversy aside, the game looks intriguing, with a juxtaposition between real-life and fantasy settings. Website:

Weird West

Weird West is from WolfEye Studios, which was set up by former members of Arkane. In it you play several different protagonists in a creepy version of the Wild West that features werewolves and the like, and the studio promises that the story adapts if any of the characters die. Website:

Red Sails

Red Sails looks wonderfully serene – it’s a game about sailing across a desert and rescuing people in your tiny boat. Sounds lovely. Website:

Airborne Kingdom

Billing itself as a mix between management and exploration, Airborne Kingdom features beautifully realised flying cities drifting over esoteric ruins. I’ve always fancied building a flying city. Website:


Windbound is strongly channelling the spirit of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and that’s just absolutely fine by me. Website:

Call of the Sea

I love the graphical style of this 1930s exploration game set on an island in the South Pacific. Call of the Sea does an excellent line in lush vegetation. Website:

No Place For Bravery

No Place For Bravery is a hack and slash game with some wonderfully vibrant pixel art. Looks highly promising. Website:

Fights in Tight Spaces

This one reminds me a lot of John Wick Hex, except here the fights are purely turn-based and revolve around playing cards. I like the idea of being a James Bond-type character laying the smack down in a lift. Website:

Gestalt: Steam and Cinder

In a joint first with No Place For Bravery, Gestalt: Steam and Cinder scoops the prize for most-stunning pixel art at Not-E3 2020. I’m particularly fond of the steam-powered horses. Website:

Boyfriend Dungeon

Boyfriend Dungeon has been around for a while now, having been Kickstarted back in 2018, but the concept is so great it deserves another mention: it’s a dungeon crawler where you can date the weapons, which each morph into hot-looking gals and guys. Website:

West of Dead

Oh look, West of Dead is out now! And Ron Perlman does the narration! This shooter looks incredibly stylish, with a sort of Ghost Rider hits the Wild West vibe, if it was drawn by Mike Mignola. I’ve put in a request for a review copy, so hopefully there’ll be a review on AMAP sometime soon. Website:

Per Aspera

We’ve had Surviving Mars and Terraforming Mars, and now there’s another game about Mars colonisation, but the twist in Per Aspera is there’s some kind of force that’s fighting back. Website:

Star Renegades

Billed as a rock-hard tactical rogue-lite RPG, Star Renegades looks beautiful with its futuristic anime aesthetic. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one ahead of its release later this year. Website:

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