Read about the history of The Settlers in Retro Gamer

I absolutely adored The Settlers back in the early nineties. My mate Alex and I would play competitive games for hours on end, and it was undoubtedly the game I put the most hours into on my trusty old Amiga. So I was absolutely thrilled to write a history of Blue Byte’s series for Retro Gamer magazine.

The thing is, there have been rather a lot of Settlers games over the years – a total of seven main entries, plus several spin-offs and re-releases over the years, so I had my work cut out for me. In fact, this is one of the longest and most time-consuming features I’ve ever done, and it takes up a whopping eight pages in the magazine. It was worth it though, and some really fascinating details came out of the interviews – particularly the nugget that former Blue Byte head Thomas Hertzler was planning a game called Space Settlers before the company was bought by Ubisoft.

Check out the whole feature in issue 209 of Retro Gamer.

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