Remembering Lure of the Temptress

I was overjoyed to see the release of a sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky a little while back – and the media frenzy around it also gave me a chance to buttonhole Revolution head Charles Cecil for a chat about the company’s first game.

Lure of the Temptress was released for the Amiga back in 1992, and it’s usually been thought of as a point and click that aimed to fill the gap between Sierra’s super-serious King’s Quest games and LucasArts’ all-out-for-laughs titles. But although Charles told me that his aim was very much to make a point and click that was far more light-hearted than Sierra’s series, it was interesting to find out that he’d never even played any LucasArts games at the time Temptress was being made.

It was also fascinating to hear the story behind the game’s unusual name – but I won’t spoil that here. You can read the full story for yourself in issue 211 of Retro Gamer magazine.

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