I revisited the 1990s for Retro Gamer

I contributed a couple of pieces for the 14-page cover feature in the latest issue of Retro Gamer, which was all about gaming in the nineties. The nineties was such an important era for video games, with the rise of games consoles and the momentous transition to 3D. What started as a niche hobby at the beginning of the decade had morphed into mainstream entertainment by its end.

I contributed to the feature with a look at the rise of gaming TV as well as the proliferation of gaming magazines in the nineties. This gave me an excellent excuse to interview the lovely Violet Berlin, who co-presented ITV’s Bad Influence! with Andy Crane. Unfortunately I only had space to fit in a few of her wonderful stories, but hopefully I can do a follow-up article at some point to share more insights into her fascinating career.

I also interviewed Paul Monaghan, who’s behind the excellent retro gaming podcast Maximum Power Up. He’s something of an expert on retro gaming magazines, and he has interviewed more than 40 gaming journalists from magazines like Mean Machines, EDGE and Amiga Power for the podcast, so it was brilliant to hear his insights.

Retro Gamer issue 218 is on sale now, and you can buy single issues or subscribe at Magazines Direct.

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