New amiibo alert! Monster Hunter! Banjo-Kazooie! Byleth!

As regular readers will know, I’m rather fond of amiibo. I’m far from a completist – I only pick up the ones I like the look of – but I still have rather a lot of them.

Still, there’s been something of an amiibo drought recently. It must have been about a year since I bought one, and new amiibo releases are few and far between these days. So when five beautiful new ones come along at once, it’s something of a red letter day.

The Banjo-Kazooie amiibo is particularly excellent, and I love how colourful it is. The inclusion of a Jiggy is a great touch, and the posing is superb. Definitely one of my favourites already.

Byleth is another Fire Emblem character, and I just had to get him to complete my Fire Emblem amiibo collection – even though I haven’t got Three Houses yet, the game he’s from. I will definitely get it one day, but I feel like I need to finish a few of the games I’ve already got before I plunge into a new 60+ hour game. The Byleth amiibo looks great though, particularly the fine detailing on his face and hands.

It’s good to see Capcom supporting amiibo with another excellent range for Monster Hunter Rise. The Japan-only Monster Hunter Stories amiibo are already the pride of my collection, and these new Rise ones are similarly superb.

The Palico is particularly stunning, and undoubtedly the highlight. The level of detail is just phenomenal, right down to the texturing on its hat and the lovely swirly print on its bag. And what a pose! This one is a real beauty.

Meanwhile I was so excited to open the Palamute that I forgot to take a photo of the box first. These canine companions are new for Monster Hunter Rise, and they’re really transformative in the game itself, letting you whizz around levels at great speed. The amiibo again has amazing levels of detail, although I’m not so sure about the pose – it would have been better with a more dynamic look, but it’s a lovely thing nonetheless.

Finally, Magnamalo is the outsize amiibo that represents Rise’s signature monster, and it’s gorgeous. I love the purple transparent flames, and the whole thing looks suitably menacing. If they started releasing an amiibo for every monster in the game, I don’t think I could resist purchasing every single one. Just saying, Capcom, just saying.

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