More Shovel Knight amiibos for my collection

I spotted this collection of Shovel Knight amiibos in the trade fair at Play Expo Blackpool, and I was sorely tempted to buy them. But at £30 I wasn’t too sure – after an hour or two’s play, Shovel Knight the game hadn’t grabbed me when I played it a couple of years back, so I wasn’t sure I needed all the amiibos, even though I already have the amiibo of Shovel Knight himself.

But then I saw the same amiibo collection in GAME today for just £20, and I couldn’t resist – so here are Specter Knight, Plague Knight and King Knight in all their glory. I may be lukewarm on Shovel Knight as a game, but the amiibos are things of beauty. And now I have them all, I’m tempted to go back and progress further in the game to see whether I gave up on it a little too early.

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