Amiibo invasion!

Argos had a big sale on amiibo the other week, with loads of them down to £4.99. At that price I just couldn’t resist adding a few more to my collection…

As I wrote recently, I’m a big fan of all things Metroid, so I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to nab Zero-Suit Samus. Still not sure about the practicality of those high heels though.

I love the fact that Yacht Club Games got together with Nintendo to release a Shovel Knight amiibo. I’m secretly hoping that Image & Form do the same, so we can get a lovely range of SteamWorld amiibo. They teased one a while back, although sadly it just turned out to be a mock up that someone in the studio had made.

Ah, Captain Olimar and his Pikmin chums. Pikmin is probably Nintendo’s most underrated franchise, so I’m happy to throw it some love by putting the O-Man on my shelf.

I still can’t quite decide whether I love the Duck Hunt Dog or hate it. All those times he’d titter on my TV screen after I failed to bag any ducks with my Zapper were infuriating. But then again Duck Hunt is a game I have very fond memories of – even if some of those memories are trying to shoot the dog because he’s so bloody annoying.

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