The Metroid Dread amiibos are lovely – it’s just a shame they arrived so late

My Metroid Dread amiibo double pack finally arrived last week, a full month after the amiibos were originally scheduled to come out. Nintendo had previously informed customers in Europe that they wouldn’t be receiving their amiibos until November, blaming ‘unforeseen shipping delays’.

The delay was particularly annoying because it meant I couldn’t use the amiibos for their intended purpose in Metroid Dread – the Samus one grants an extra energy tank, while the EMMI one nets you ten extra missiles. I really could have done with those when playing the game, which is absolutely hard as nails – but I’ve finished it now and I’m unlikely to go back and play through it again. When you complete the game, you’re given the option of playing once more in hard mode, which had me rolling my eyes and muttering ‘yeah, right’. I barely made it through on ‘normal’, with the final boss taking hours to get past, so there’s no way I’m playing it on hard.

Still, the amiibos look lovely, particularly the poses. It’s interesting that the Samus amiibo is a lot smaller than the Samus amiibo that was released with Metroid: Samus Returns, although that is clearly to keep her in scale with the towering EMMI robot. The EMMI barely fits on its stand as it is, so clearly it couldn’t be made much bigger!

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