Squishy Metroid amiibo unboxing

They’re finally here! And a day early in fact – I found Samus Aran and Squishy Metroid on my doorstep a whole day ahead of the street date, which was a lovely surprise. Let’s tear these things open!

But first, what do they actually do? Here’s the back of the box to tell us:

So Samus gives you an Aeion reserve tank and unlocks some Metroid II artwork in Metroid: Samus Returns, which seems pretty nifty. But Squishy Metroid let’s you find nearby Metroids (makes sense) and unlocks Fusion mode when you finish the game, which sounds even niftier. Anyway, let’s see what the amiibos look like up close.

There’s some fantastic detail on the Metroid – I particularly love its gruesome claws. The veins all over its head are pretty neat, too. But most importantly, does it squish?

YES IT DOES! Best. Amiibo. Ever.

Anyway, let’s take a look at Samus…

Again, a phenomenally good looking amiibo, and I love how vibrant the colours are. Fantastic detail, too – look at all that fancy gear in her back. Wonderful.

Seriously,  these have to be the best two amiibos so far – sorry Chibi-Robo. They look utterly amazing, good work Nintendo!

Now, if only they could make a Ridley amiibo to go with them…