Bring on the eighties nonsense of Blood Dragon

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon logoI really wasn’t a fan of Far Cry 2 (see my review) – it was a pretty game with high-falutin’ ideas about player agency, but what it actually delivered was mindless slaughter and repetitive cookie-cutter ‘missions’. In short, it was dumb. Therefore I wasn’t particularly interested when Far Cry 3 came around earlier this year, as by all accounts it offers up pretty much the same fare as its prequel – high-falutin’ ideas papering over mindless slaughter.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon though – finally the designers have seen sense and binned all their high-falutin’ story nonsense in favour of neon dinosaurs and quadruple-barrelled shotguns. It turns out that there’s nothing wrong with mindless video game slaughter, as long as all of the dials are turned up to 11 and tongue is placed firmly in cheek.

Neon dinosaurs? YEEEESSSSSSSSS!
Neon dinosaurs? YEEEESSSSSSSSS!

I’m all for games having complex narratives, but sometimes games designers seem to forget that a game should be fun too. I’ve just finished Mass Effect (review coming soon), and although the story was excellent, about half of the game’s missions were basically padding with zero fun content. If something isn’t fun or isn’t pushing the narrative forward, it shouldn’t be in the game. All games designers should have a post-it note pinned to the top of their monitors saying: “Is this fun? If not, bin it.”

Clearly the designers of Blood Dragon have ‘FUN!!!’ tattooed across their eyeballs. It’s refreshing to see a game that has nothing on its agenda except being totally outrageous: I bet it was a riot to make. You can imagine the meetings: “Let’s make an eighties-style action game about a cyber commando! With neon dragons! And Michael Biehn!”

Yep, it’s so eighties-authentic that it even stars Michael Biehn off of Aliens and The Terminator. Man I can’t wait to play it.

Check out the trailer below, it’s PHENOMENAL.

Then have a look at this brilliant live-action teaser by CorridorDigital: