Quick Offload: Boring conversations

I’ve always found the notion that there’s a natural split between people that like Call of Duty and Battlefield and people that don’t more than a little bit rubbish. I’ve written before about how manufactured gaming culture is; and nothing demonstrates the arbitrary split between the self-proclaimed intelligentsia and the rest more than the vitriol from the ‘nerd’ side of the fence and the most popular shooters in the world.

It’s no secret that I happen to be a bit of a fan of the campaigns of the world-beating shooters that dominate the sales charts for much of the year. And although i’m lagging behind a tad, having played both Battlefield:Hardline and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare recently, I can say they’re bloody good examples of why in their own ways. They’re both good looking, adrenaline pumping actions games, held together by threadbare storylines that do just enough to make the twists and turns somewhat meaningful.

Much to my surprise they also both share something in common with a lot of people whose skin crawl at the very mention of their names: a deep reverence for Star Wars borne out through clever references to the 1977 original.

So to those who feign some level of superiority over choice or taste in video games, and critique others for theirs, I say this: Are we not human? If we pick [Call of Duty or Battlefield], do we not bleed?

Quick Offloads are short posts when we need to get things off of our chests but don’t necessarily want to waste too many words on them. But please add your words in the comments below.


  1. I got off the FPS bus a while ago just because they aren’t my thing (also I’m not good at them) but I do think it’s weird that a lot of people who don’t like COD or Battlefield (especially COD for some reason) think that makes them intellectually superior to the unwashed gaming masses.

    I agree that a lot of the “gaming culture” bullshit seems to be just that, and it’s why I cringe when I see people talking about themselves or other people as “gamer girls” and “basement dwellers” and “HARDCORE GAMERS” and so on. People who read books or watch movies a lot don’t divide themselves into these kinds of weird categories, do they?

    1. I’m not about to call them the best games, nor my favourites. But I do find them a decent framework to put interesting premises – if not narratives – and dialogue around.

      And I think we’re in agreement on the culture stuff. I don’t read much video game related writing for that very reason. It pushes me further away from video games at a time where I’m slowly drifting away anyway.

      The fact people feel the need to identify themselves as people that play games, let alone differentiate on more specific lines, is absolutely ridiculous.

  2. I never got the split. I like both although I’ve played more Call of Duty. I just think it’s a clan thing like those who proclaim PS over Xbox or vice versa. At the end of the day, a games consoles or games quality is measured by how much YOU enjoy it. I am more comfortable with the Xbox controller. Does that mean it’s better? No it just suits me more I guess. Both consoles as both games are great. They are fun. Are they to everyone’s tastes? Maybe not but people should stop being dipshitty about it all.

    1. I’ve always hated it, but as I’ve gotten older, it all pisses me off just that bit more. It’s the very reason I largely stopped reading (and to a lesser extent writing) anything game related.

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