Are you going to pay £999 for a phone?

I’ve just caught up on the iPhone X reveal, and I’m impressed. The chutzpah needed to get away with charging £999 for a phone ($999 in the US) is seriously impressive.

I mean, it looks nice. It’s got a fancy screen. And the face recognition is a clever touch. It’s a bit faster, too. But do we actually need any of that stuff?

I wouldn’t describe myself as a die-hard Apple fan, but I’ve had a couple of iPhones over the years, and I really like them. They’re easy to use, with an intuitive operating system, and they tend to just work with the minimum amount of faffing about, which is the most important thing for me. The build quality is great, and I’ve never had any problems with any of them. I’m pretty happy with my current iPhone 6S. I’m also not in a hurry to upgrade it.

It seems to me that we’ve reached the point where there’s very little that the tech companies can add to phones to make them significantly better. The major milestones have all been passed: having maps, cameras, emails, and so on all in one neat case genuinely changed my life for the better. The dawn of the smartphone was a genuine revolution. The smartphone has changed the way people work and live. But the revolution is long past – now we’re just tinkering.

And I balk at paying nearly a grand for what amounts to tinkering with an object that was pretty much perfected years ago – there’s nothing the iPhone X does that I want or, more importantly, actually need.



      1. I’d like to think I’ll have this one for the next decade, but I was hanging onto an old 4S before this (and I only got that one because it was outdated and free as part of a deal) and only got this one because the last one’s battery suddenly started dying. Hopefully that’s not gonna happen this time.

  1. I doubt I’ll upgrade my iPhone SE until it dies but yes, I can foresee a day when I drop a grand on a phone. In fact the iPhone 5 cost me $1000AUD

  2. It’s not even the cost that gets me – I mean, it is; a grand for a phone is ludicrous – it’s the fact that you *know* Apple’s deliberately holding stuff back right now, just so’s they can bring out another one in six months or a year with the next “must have” innovation.

    I’d possibly consider investing a lot of money in a phone that would last me for many years – but, knowing that the thing I’d just spent a massive wad on was in the process of being made obsolete before I’d even bought it just makes it all seem a) pointless and b) really rather unsavoury, I think.

    *grumble, grumble* etc.

    1. Can you imagine the horror of watching it slip out of your hand and plunge towards the concrete? Brr.

  3. I am absolutely too cheap to buy a phone that costs either 999 dollars or pounds. At the very least, the phone would really have to be amazing to warrant that kind of price. I wonder whether Apple is going to end up pricing itself out of the market with this one.

    1. Yeah, I wonder. Have we finally reached the point where the new features don’t justify the price? Will be interesting to see how it sells…

  4. Agree to disagree, I like the phone and I like the features (maybe not as much as my S8 Plus) but I think that the price is absolutely ridiculous, it’s as though Apple and Samsung are just testing out whether they can get away with pricing their phones at or over a grand…

  5. Lord C’s on Samsung Prime & now that Vodafone has Finally sorted payg properly (£30 gets you 20 gigs data, unlimited texts [1001… I checked!] & 3000 mins call time.. & it rolls over provided you top up again jus b4 it times out!) I have everything I need! Also email & camera, but like a couple o above people said, A, £1000 for a phone, & ya don’t even get a wife or a PS4 or a ham sandwich (good quality) or nothing?!? Dammnnnn yo! & B, I’m still annoyed by the sheer amount o stuff I apparently have that I don’t need… Google drive? 2 different types of logo (& you cannot uninstall the non-used 1) I struggled to afford it in’t 1st place (had a lot o points!) But now I may need to upgrade memcard again!? #Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!

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