Super Play is back and more beautiful than ever

Well this is a lovely thing. Bundled with the latest issue of Retro Gamer is a 52-page, one-off issue of Super Play the nineties UK magazine dedicated to the Super NES.

It’s a wonderful recreation, and you can tell it’s been a labour of love for its creators. A number of the original staff got back together to work on it, and there’s even new cover art by Wil Overton. Super Play was famous for Wil’s anime-inspired covers back in the early nineties, when anime was really starting to take off in the UK.

The main reason for this surprise resurrection of a classic gaming magazine is the impending launch of the SNES Mini – the Super Play staff have gone through all of the games on the new system and re-reviewed them, giving them new ratings based on how well they hold up in 2017. The original scores from the magazine are displayed for comparison, and interestingly only two games achieved higher scores this time around: Mega Man X and Super Metroid.

There’s also a round-up at the back that features games the staff think should have made it onto the SNES Mini. Interestingly, it tallies pretty closely with our own list – great minds think alike.

The Super Play mini-mag is bundled with the current issue of Retro Gamer, which has just gone on sale. If you can’t get to a newsagents in time, you could always try getting back issues here.