I am in awe of the superstar designers at EGX Rezzed

I’m sat in the press lounge at EGX Rezzed, and Suda51 just walked right by me. Suda51! The creator of No More Heroes and Lollipop Chainsaw! My heart skipped a beat, and suddenly I knew how teenage girls must feel when they hang around the stage doors for a glimpse of their favourite boy band, and then swoon when the superstars emerge and are suddenly sharing the same patch of air as them.

Suda51! He had really cool trainers!

But this is just one of the gaming celebrity encounters I’ve had this weekend. Not too long ago, Julian Gollop, creator of X-COM and Phoenix Point, was just casually existing in a chair on the other side of the room from me. Unfortunately, I didn’t see what trainers he had on.

And yesterday I was at the Hyper Sentinel stand, taking a look at the really cool cassette-style USB sticks the game was sent out on to early backers, when I ended up detaching part of the cassette case as I was trying to put it back. “Don’t make ’em like they used to!”, I joked to the man standing next to me, to which he replied that it was a hell of a job trying to find companies who made cassette cases these days. That’s when I suddenly realised I was talking to Andrew Hewson, founder of Hewson Consultants, the hugely influential publisher behind Commodore 64 classics like Uridium, Paradroid and Nebulous. I think my brain exploded.

But the most epic superstar moment of Rezzed had to be encountering Tim Schafer, head of Double Fine and creator of Psychonauts, Grim Fandango, Broken Age and about a dozen other amazing games. After seeing his developer talk on Friday, I wandered past him about three different times at the show, and each time I fought back the urge to kneel down and touch the hem of his robe (well, T-shirt) or prostrate myself before his brilliance. Tim Schafer was my boy band, and I was a teenager fainting in his front row.

And before you ask, no of course I didn’t actually speak to him. What an absurd notion.