August is Metroidvania Month

As I said a while back, I love Metroidvanias, and I’m exceedingly happy about the sudden proliferation of them on the indie scene. We’ve had some absolute crackers over the past few years, like Dandara, Axiom Verge and Forma.8 – but the motherlode is arriving in August.

The gorgeous Chasm.

Chasm has just launched on PS4, Vita and PC, a Metroidvania some six years in the making, with utterly beautiful pixel-art graphics. And Dead Cells officially launches on 7 August – it was one of my top picks at EGX Rezzed back in April, and it’s been in Early Access for some time, but finally it’s getting an official release on consoles and PC. I’ve got hold of the PS4 version and it’s fantastic so far – expect a review very soon.

Deaths’s Gambit.

Then there’s Death’s Gambit on 14 August, a lovely looking Metroidvania with classic fantasy-style graphics that’s coming to PS4 and PC. And finally we have Guacamelee 2, a sequel from DrinkBox, the studio behind the wonderful Severed and, of course, the first Guacamelee. That’s also coming to PC and PS4. All of these games are looking very special indeed.

Guacamelee 2.

We probably won’t have time to cover them all on AMAP, but we’ll certainly have a review of Dead Cells, along with a look at some other Metroidvanias, like Iconoclasts from earlier this year. Happy Metroidvania month, everybody!

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