Our Most Anticipated Games of 2023

We’ve taken a look at our favourite games of 2022, so let’s look at what’s coming up in 2023. There are some pretty big and much-delayed AAA games that should hopefully be turning up this year, like Starfield and Hogwart’s Legacy. But for the most part, our eyes are drawn to a few of the more unusual upcoming titles…

Atomic Heart

This first-person shooter set in alternate-reality, Soviet-esque utopia gone wrong looks absolutely bananas. The footage I’ve seen looks like a more frenetic Bioshock game, with the protagonist fighting hordes of malfunction, murderous robots as well as mutated monsters. There’s a hint of the more recent Wolfenstein games too, with its anarchic, satirical take on things.

I’d like to see it in more detail than has been possible up to now but, with a late-February release date, that should happen sooner rather than later. James Keen


Baldur’s Gate 3

I’ve just checked, and I first listed Baldur’s Gate 3 in our most anticipated games list for 2021. This should indicate both how delayed it is, and how much I want it.

I’ve adored the Baldur’s Gate series of D&D-based RPGs since the first one all of 20+ years ago. I’m also a big fan of Divinity: Original Sin II, the last big RPG from developer Larian Studios. The early access has shaped up very nicely, promising a frankly ridiculous amount of breadth and depth of choice. If it can deliver a well-written, engaging narrative alongside its myriad, overlapping mechanics for the full game, then it should be an instant classic. JK

Steam link

Death of the Reprobate

I absolutely loved The Procession to Calvary by Joe Richardson, so I’m really excited for his next game, Death of the Reprobate. If it’s even half as funny as his previous work, it will be well worth the wait. I spoke to him last year about the way he likes to break the fourth wall in his point and click adventures, and I’m particularly looking forward to a few more comedy interventions from God. There’s no official release date yet, although I’m hoping we’ll see this delight plop into our Steam libraries before the year is out. Lewis Packwood

Steam link


It’s a gun that’s also an umbrella. Let that sink in for a while, then tell me just how excited you are to explore this new game from the makers of the brilliant Gato Roboto. LP


Hollow Knight: Silksong

Like Baldur’s Gate 3, this is another game that we were looking forward to back at the start of 2021, and that still isn’t out. Surely this is the year that Hollow Knight will finally return. Surely. Please? LP


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

With Nintendo holding it’s cards for the latter half of the year close to its chest, the obvious nod for me would be the oft-delayed but much anticipated Tears of the Kingdom. Even if a new Mario and Metroid were to magically show up, I doubt they would dull my enthusiasm for this game. There’s not a whole lot to go on from the trailers so far, but what’s been shown — a more vertically designed world, cryptic new powers, creepy new enemies — is enough to have me intrigued quite a bit. In all honesty, I’d be perfectly fine if it were just more of the same. But we all know it’ll be anything but. Matthew Mason

It looks like Breath of the Wild, but more. JK


Manor Lords

Maybe it’s the unfriendly weather outside or maybe it’s the increasingly chaotic state of the world, but I’ve found myself craving a good city builder game. I’ve delved back into Cities: Skylines and Frostpunk recently, which are still great, but the Steam Next Fest demo for Manor Lords really caught my eye.

You’re tasked with establishing and growing a small medieval village into (potentially) a bustling city. You play a regional lord and, as well as the usual resource, economic and citizen management, the final game promises close-control battles between rival town militia.

Mechanically intuitive as well as gorgeous-looking, it’s also, implausibly, the work of a single developer. There’s no release date at the moment, so to be honest there’s every chance it won’t be a 2023 release. However, I can’t wait to give this another go so I’m erring on the side of optimism. JK


Old Skies

We absolutely loved Unavowed, so we’re super excited about the next point and click adventure from Dave Gilbert – Old Skies. The time-travel plot sounds like a lot of fun, and judging by Gilbert’s previous work, it will be packed with intrigue and gags in equal measure. LP


Planet of Lana

Planet of Lana was one of my highlights of EGX 2022, and I love the art style – shades of Ico, don’t you think? And there’s a hint of Ico in the gameplay, too, as it’s all about cooperation – in this case with your little alien cat friend. It looks promising, and I’m looking forward to a couple of lovely, chilled-out nights with this game come the spring. LP


The Plucky Squire

The Plucky Squire was my highlight of E3 – or rather NotE3 – in 2022, with its ingenius and delightful trailer. At first it looks like a storybook-inspired 2D platformer, then suddenly the characters burst out of the book into the 3D world beyond, and at that points all bets are off as to where this is going. LP


The Siege and the Sandfox

Another highlight of EGX, The Siege and the Sandfox from British studio Cardboard Sword is heavily inspired by Prince of Persia (the OG version). But this is a Metroidvania with a twist – it’s all about stealth rather than combat, so you can’t simply bump off any guards in your way. Instead, you have to find clever ways around enemies to reach the castle’s topmost tower. Sounds intriguing. LP


Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley

Consdiering how popular The Moomins are, especially in Japan, it’s remarkable how few Moomins games there have been down the years – let alone good ones. Norwegian studio Hyper Games have wisely chosen to base their upcoming game around the very best Moomins character, Snufkin (I will brook no argument on this), and they’ve certainly captured the feel of Tove Jansson’s beloved creations. Here’s hoping the game plays as well as it looks. LP


The Wolf Among Us 2

Since Telltale Games imploded in 2018, there has followed a highly confusing saga where the rights to its games were sold off, and then an entirely new company was set up under the Telltale Games name, where around half of the staff were actually members of the original Telltale. That company is now releasing a long-awaited sequel to The Wolf Among Us, a game that was based on the Fables comics. To add more confusion, The Wolf Among Us 2 is actually a prequel, rather than a sequel. But let’s forget all that and focus on the fact that The Wolf Among Us was one of the very best games made by the Telltale of old, so there’s a good chance this follow-up will be a corker, too. LP


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