Phew! That Was Close!

Time passes…

With a terrible grinding of gears the bulldozer comes to an abrupt halt just in front of you. It shakes, shudders, and emits noxious substances all over the rose bed. Prosser is incoherent with rage.

Moments later, your friend Ford Prefect arrives. He hardly seems to notice your predicament, but keeps glancing nervously at the sky. He takes a towel from his battered leather satchel, and offers it to you. As he does so, a sperm whale crashes through the atmosphere and lands directly on top of the bulldozer, completely obliterating it. Seconds later, it is followed by a bowl of petunias.

What would you like to do next?


  1. Lovely work, gentlemen! I’m grateful to have discovered your site – I commend you for the care you’ve taken in constructing something special. Gents! (Or more specifically, Lewis!) Do you have room for me in your 3DS Friend List? I’ve already added you (if I may be so bold). My Swapnotes tend to be about my backlog of unplayed DS games. That’s a warning AND a promise. Cheers!
    4468 1016 2484

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