Sir Gaulian says goodbye. For now at least.

11933458_10153537383462416_5024428238482388977_nA Most Agreeable Pastime turns five in June and I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve built here. I’m lucky to have an incredibly talented co-author on whoms coat tails I have so joyously ridden on for half of a decade. For every post I’ve written I’ve certainly become a better writer, due in no small part to the excellent benchmark Lucius has set in his writing. I’ve always found time to contribute to this incredible place we’ve built even when life continues to change at an incredibly rapid pace and with it my priorities.

It’s been a while coming but it’s time for me to take a step back. This isn’t goodbye but it’s certainly farewell.

Well, for the next year at least.

It probably won’t come as surprise to some of you that I’m writing this. In fact in March last year I wrote a post titled “Is This The End?“.  Reflecting on my honeymoon way back in September I wrote on how video games had begun to take a back seat. That has only intensified in recent months. I’ve found video games have become a device to write about other things – like my love for cricket or cars – sometimes even drawing a very long bow to write about Korean musicians.

Video games have indeed become a less important part of my life and I feel like my writing has really reflected that. In fact one of my favourite posts, a thinly veiled tribute to Richie Benaud, has almost nothing to do with video games. It also happens to be one of my favourite things I’ve written on here. That speaks volumes.

But it’s not just changing tastes.  My work has also increasingly encroached on my spare time, and as anyone in the research field knows, it’s all too easy to find yourself throwing your all into writing what seems like that career-defining paper.  Add on to that the fact that I’ve slowly but surely developed an interest in Korean economics and politics and I haven’t got much more ‘pontification’ capacity. I’m even planning on writing a book about it, something I wouldn’t have even contemplated 12 months ago.

Basically, life happens and things change. And if i’ve learnt anything it’s best to not resist change.

In short it’s been a long time coming.

This certainly feels like goodbye. Even if it’s not forever.


  1. A sad day.

    But having said that, it’s great to see you expanding your interests and moving into different areas – and good luck with the book!

    Video games also play a smaller part in my life than they did a few years back, but I know from previous experience that my fascination with them waxes and wanes with the years. Maybe you will undergo a gaming Renaissance in a year’s time as you rediscover them anew.

    In the meantime, you will be missed here. Thanks for all of your brilliant articles – you were never riding on my coat tails 😉

  2. Very sad to hear you’re going, but having read your post I can understand why. Maya and myself both wish you all the best in your future endeavours and hope that one day circumstances will allow for your triumphant return to the gaming blogosphere! Seriously, the past few years since we found A Most Agreeable Pastime we’ve really enjoyed your input to the site. On several occasions posts you’ve written have sparked conversations and ideas, definitely your writing is some of the most consistently insightful and inspiring I’ve read on gaming!

    Also, we really appreciate how supportive you’ve been to our blog too, your thought provoking comments have meant a lot. Finally I can’t let you go without asking about R-Type Delta! Did you ever get round to trying it? Or did you flog it off on ebay first chance you got? (No judgment, mate, we’ve all done it 😛 )

    1. R-Type Delta sits proudly (somewhat hidden underneath my recently acquired copy of Dune) on my shelf. I definitely still have it, although am yet to give it a go, sadly.

      Thanks for the praise! Although I do feel my interest in other things (Western hegemony and cricket, oddly) has somewhat driven what I’ve written on here, to the point where it’s failed to be about the games insomuch as greater observations about the world. I hope to inspire in other ways, so please do follow me elsewhere.

      And your blog is awesome, so keep it up. I find I gravitate toward UK writers more than US, so it’s been a pleasure reading both of your stuff. The podcasts were great too (I’m a sucker for the accent, truth be told). It was good that some of our interests aligned, making for some great discussions!

      Best of luck, I’m sure this won’t be the end!

  3. Well that’s really bloody unfortunate. I always looked forward to reading your articles and they’re going to be sorely missed. Good luck with the book mate, sounds like it’s a challenge worth doing (and god knows a book by you about Korean politics and economics will be worth reading).

    So, yeah. So long, and thanks for all the cricketing references!

    1. Thank you sir – I find it’s easier to write something you’re finding interesting at the time. Right now,that’s the Korean economy (which is fascinating, by the way), which fits in nicely with my day job to some extent. But who’s to say it won’t be video games this time next year. I appreciate your readership – make sure you still frequent the blog for Lucius’ excellent posts.

      1. I’ll definitely keep visiting. And one of the great things about the Koreans is it’s probably got the only parliament in the world that’ll give Starcraft a mention while talking defence policy, so you might end up talking about video games anyway.

  4. Congratulations on your blog. I have enjoyed many of the posts on here and liked the unique perspectives (such as celebrating box art). I was interested to find out about your interest in Korean economics and politics. Good luck with the book.

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