Spiffing Reads: Nintendo’s ups and downs, satanic Pokémon and video game whales

This week on our weekly roundup of the best games writing, we start with a look at the crazy time that Nintendo’s been having lately…

Nintendo’s roller-coaster week (GamesIndustry.biz)

A look back at an important week for Nintendo, with their share price peaking and then diving in relation to Pokemon Go, and leaked reports revealing the nature of the Nintendo NX. And speaking of which, the author offers some interesting thoughts on that console’s future: “if it’s going to succeed, Nintendo needs to create something truly new, truly desirable and truly innovative. Many consumers have responded to the NX rumours by lamenting that they want Nintendo to do something more like a “normal” console; my concern is the opposite, that NX as described in existing reports actually doesn’t go far enough or innovate sufficiently to differentiate itself from the competition.”

Pokemon Go Is Over, ‘Because ‘Satan’ Has Conquered Westboro Baptist Church (Pedestrian)

The Pokemon gym at Westboro Baptist Church – yes, the one whose website is named ‘godhatesfags.com’ – has been conquered by a Magmar named ‘Satan’ with 666 CP. This comes in the wake of the church branding the previous gym leader – a Clefairy called ‘Loveislove’ – as a ‘sodomite’.

Digital Draughts: Uncharted 4 with Heavy Seas’ Plank IV (Games I Made My Girlfriend Play)

An excellent review of both Uncharted 4 and a highly suited beer – Plank IV of the Uncharted Waters series. After reading this I can’t wait to play the fourth game – I’ve just finished Uncharted 2. And I also want a drink.

List of whales in video games (Sunset Surfers)

Important work, and I’m glad someone has finally done it. You’ll be amazed at how frequently whales crop up in gaming.

Thinking inside the box: why I don’t like the new Xbox One S – By Mr Biffo (Digitiser 2000)

At the end of the day, for all its improvements in design, the Xbox One S is still, well, just a box. Where have all the interesting console designs gone?

Spiffing Reads is a regular feature where we pick out the best gaming articles of the week. If you’ve read anything interesting, please let us know in the comments.


  1. I think the Nintendo analysis article makes some good points, although on reflection I don’t agree with their conclusion that the NX isn’t ambitious enough. To me, the idea of a portable device that doubles as a home console – and with two controllers built in no less! – is crazy enough to make a significant splash, especially with kids. Honestly I’d be surprised if the part about the two detachable controllers turns out to be true, but this article goes on the assumption that it is so I will too.

    In my school days we would pick whose house to visit after school based largely on who had what console (SNES, Megadrive, N64 and PS1 was the selection then). At the same time many kids brought their Gameboys to school. A console/handheld hybrid like the rumoured NX could effectively kill two birds with one stone, something I can see appealing to kids and parents alike (although I will defer to you on the latter!). Assuming that Nintendo doesn’t fall flat on the marketing front like with the Wii U and it’s affordable I think it could do rather well.

    1. I think the NX is rather a neat idea, if the leaks are true. But I also get that it might not attract new players in the same way that the Wii got grannies playing bowling.

      Still, the appeal of one console for both handheld and tv is obvious – now they just need an appealing price.

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