The No Man’s Sky Rebirth

After happily pottering around No Man’s Sky for weeks, I finally hit a plateau and decided to check out the end game. It turns out it’s utter balls.

I whizzed through all of the Atlas stations, as I’d already hit all of the Journey Milestones to access them, and after visiting the tenth and final one… well, not much happened. I won’t give it away, but it was underwhelming to say the least. After that disappointment, I thought I’d research the other questline – the journey to the centre of the universe – to see whether it was worth the hours of my time it would take to get there. According to this vitriolic article, which reveals exactly what you find, it most definitely isn’t.

So I popped the game back onto The Mantelpiece, and I was just considering whether to sell it when the announcement of a huge update appeared last weekend. And I mean huge. The so-called Foundation update, which is a pleasing nod to the Isaac Asimov book series, comes in at more than 2GB and adds huge amounts of stuff. Check out the video below to see what I mean.

I’m impressed by the sheer amount that they’ve added to the game in this update, and it has met with a glowing reception in write ups from Eurogamer and Kotaku. There’s also promise of plenty more in future tweaks, not least the rumoured addition of land vehicles. The end game may still be underwhelming, but the scope for cosmic pottering has been amplified enormously.

Last week, I wrote that one of the joys of No Man’s Sky is that it’s essentially a giant space shed in which I can dawdle about and generally pass the time in a pleasantly unguided fashion. But now, thanks to the addition of base building, I can now ACTUALLY BUILD A GIANT SPACE SHED. And a greenhouse, too. It’s like they read my mind.

Sheds in space! Bring. It. On.