Your Amiga games probably don’t work any more

I was reading about ‘bit rot’ the other day, and it was quite alarming stuff for someone who’s into old games.

I knew from back when I owned an Amiga 1200 that it’s not a good idea to leave floppy disks next to a magnetic source like a CRT TV, as they can become corrupted. But I wasn’t aware that they naturally de-magnetise over time – so-called bit rot. So even if you’ve carefully stored away all your Amiga disks in a box in the attic, there’s a good chance that many of them won’t work now.

I wrote an article about bit rot for Eurogamer, and spoke to various groups who are trying to preserve Amiga games before they’re lost forever. But all of them are still hamstrung by copyright laws, which forbid sharing of rescued Amiga game files – even if the original version of the game is no longer playable. Check out the article via the link below:

Your Amiga games are likely dying

Quick, get into the attic and make sure your Amiga games still work! And for the love of god, make back-ups!

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