The update for Control makes a big difference to the frame rates on PS4

About a day after I was moaning about Control juddering along like nobody’s business on PS4, Remedy released an update that fixed a lot of the problems. The frame rate is now a whole lot smoother, and the texture pop-in is barely noticeable.

It’s still not perfect, mind. For some reason, the frame rate dips incredibly low for a couple of seconds whenever you come out of the pause menu, and it still judders a bit when you bring up the map overlay. But overall it’s a lot more playable with the update. I feel slightly better about getting the PS4 version over the PC one now, although I’m still hankering to see this gorgeous game running with all the settings turned up to max.

I finished Control just the other day, so expect a full review soon (spoiler: it’s brilliant).


  1. Probably my favorite game of 2019 so far. Even on the PS4 Pro it had some framerate issues, so it is nice they updated it. I already platinumed the game, but am excited to return for some DLC in the future.

    1. Same here! Currently my game of the year, and I’ve picked its bones clean – really can’t wait for the DLC.

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